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In order for your Miele vacuum to perform efficiently, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Don’t have time to clean? Well! our team of professionals can do the job for you. We provide the best cleaning service in the area. All you have to do, is drop it off at any of our locations and we will have it cleaned and returned to you as brand new in no time.


Don’t toss out your damaged Miele vacuum, let our team of professionals repair them for you. They are trained by the manufacturer and are fully qualified to get the job done. Don’t spend unnecessary money buying a new one when we can repair at a cheaper price. Pick up your phone and call for a free consultation.


We carrie an extensive line of Miele products including Classic, Compact, Complete, Homecare, Powerline, C1, C2, C3, Uprights, Miele bags: FJM, GN, U, KK, H, Z. Miele HEPA filters: SF-HA 30, SF-HA 50, Miele laundry detergent: WA SP 252 L, WA DF 252 L, WA OU 252 L, WA SO 2002 L, WA IM 252 L, WA UC 2003 L, WA WC 2002 L, WA UW 2702 P, WA UC 1803 P, WA SE 1803 P.

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NEW YORK, NY, 10024
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845 2ND AVE
NEW YORK, NY, 10017
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91 3RD AVE
NEW YORY, NY, 10003
PHONE: 646-559-9244
Miele Services Available Here
NEW YORK, NY, 10038
PHONE: 212-791-6870
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194 3RD AVE
NEW YORK, NY, 10003
PHONE: 212-432-2230
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NEW YORK, NY, 10028
PHONE: 212-452-1305
Miele Services Available Here