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Window A/C Installation in NYC

Window Air Conditioner Installation in NYC

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A/C Cleaning In NYC

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Basics Plus offers our customers professional A/C cleaning and repair services throughout New York City. Our maintenance and service teams have experience with a wide range of units from small, window units found mainly in residential buildings, and up to HVAC systems in commercial buildings.

After conferring with our customer as to the type of unit and the service required, our professionals assemble expert teams with their equipment, in order to give our customers the fastest, most effective service we can

Our teams will thoroughly clean the A/C filters ducts, grilles, fans and coils that have accumulated dust. Our professional equipment includes vacuum cleaners, brushes and blowers to ensure dust removal from all parts of the air conditioning unit. All types of A/C units need to be cleaned on a regular basis. With some units that are not often used, an annual service is adequate, but commercial units in large buildings that work many hours a day need to be serviced more often to maintain efficient functioning

A/C cleaning and maintenance costs vary depending on the size of the unit and the condition it is in. Our team of experts is happy to advise you on services for your A/C unit or HVAC system and accommodate your budget so that your system will be well maintained at a cost the suits each pocket. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner ensures that the unit is runs well and unexpected repair costs are prevented.

Basics Plus offers professional air conditioner cleaning and maintenance services throughout Manhattan at competitive prices. Call us now for a free estimate from our team of technicians. They are happy to answer all your questions and give you professional advice on cleaning and maintaining your unit, as well as a quote for service.

A/C Installation in NYC

Union Square

Is your A/C unit old and not working properly? Did you get a good deal on the web for an A/C unit but now need someone to install it for you? Basics Plus has just the service for you. Our team of professionals has many years of experience in air conditioning installation of a wide range of units:

  • Wall through A/C unit - we will install this kind of unit on an outside wall in such a way that minimizes the number of studs that are removed. The A/C unit has an indoor part and an outdoor part. The indoor part, that blows the air into the room, will be installed on the inside of the wall. This part is attached with a duct to the outside part which we will attach to the outside of the same wall.

  • Window air conditioner installation - this A/C unit comes in one part and is easy to install in an existing window opening. It has a disadvantage as it blocks out most of the light from that window.

  • An HVAC system can be installed in a building or a complex of buildings that have the infrastructure for ducts connecting openings and control units.

Installation of each type of A/C unit or HVAC system will be priced differently, according to the size and structure of the unit. In order to plan your budget ahead of time, we recommend that one of our technicians visits the installation site to give you an accurate estimate of the installation cost. This service is part of the installation package that we offer and at the same time, our technician will also be able to advise you of any other expected expenses. For example, if the window unit is smaller than the window, the remaining space will have to be sealed.

Basics Plus has a professional team ready to advise you on the best installation solution for your home or building, and give you a competitive quote that will suit your pocket.

A/C Installation types

Union Square

A/C Installation types Basics Plus offers professional A/C installation in New York on different types of units. All service is done by our professional experienced technicians after conferring with our customer, to ensure that the unit installed suits their needs and requirements.

A/C wall through unit installation

Wall through air conditioner units are installed on an outside wall. Our team of experts will find the best place to install the unit making sure that as few studs as possible are removed from the wall. This type of unit is made up of two parts. The inside part is installed inside the room. The air blows out of this part heating or cooling the room. The outside part is installed close to the inside unit, but on the outside of the same wall. The two parts are connected by a duct through which the air circulates.

A/C window installation

Window air conditioner units are installed in existing window openings. The advantage of this type of unit is that it is easy to install. It is set in the window gap with no need to break through walls. The disadvantage is that it blocks most, if not all the light coming in through the window. After fitting the unit into the window opening, our professional installation team will seal it in. If the window opening is bigger than the unit the customer will either want to install a small window in the remaining space or seal it off as part of the wall.

Plexiglass A/C window installation

When installing a window air conditioner, very often the unit doesn’t fill the whole space, especially when the window has two parts. In this case, our professional installation team will give our customers the option to use plexiglass to support the A/C unit, leaving a clear view in the space remaining. Plexiglass gives very strong support and will esthetically fit in with the design of your room in a residential high-rise or a commercial building. Contact us today at Basics Plus for advice and a free estimate to install your A/C unit.

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